Nada Pay

  • Web version or payment app “closed loop” operation: WITHDRAWAL AND DELIVERY
  • Recommended for clubs, condominiums, hospitals, among others.
  • Convenience – all menus and services registered in one place.
  • Agility – easy to buy. Fast delivery!
  • Convenience – place your orders wherever you are.
  • Mapping of all living areas with QR Code for delivery (sports courts, golf, swimming pool, hairdresser, equestrian village …)
  • Real time Platform for monitoring sales
  • A push notification is sent to the customer’s cell phone when the order is on the way or when available for pickup.
  • Order with remote printing (printer in the kitchen / bar).
  • Digital Concierge – Your own online booking platform.
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  • Your Delivery – Have your own sales platform and make your delivery! Know more.

Cashless – Prepaid and Postpaid

  • NFC payment (by approximation).
  • RFID technology (chip with security encryption).
  • About 30% Increase in sales.
  • Card / bracelet lock in case of loss or theft.
  • Option to order via QR Codes.
  • Self-service with payment via credit / debit card.
  • Consummation: entry with full / partial value reverted to consumption.
  • Online and / or offline operation, without operational interruptions.
  • Speed up service. Fewer lines. More consumption.
  • Real time Platform for monitoring sales.
  • Agility in financial closings.
  • More security.
  • Understanding customer consumption behavior.
  • Statistics by age group, gender, state, products, and more.
  • CRM with strategic business vision.
  • Accurate information for assertive decision making.
  • Accurate reporting to industry and sponsors.
  • Key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Customized website
  • Presales
  • Top-up during the event trough the website, less cashiers
  • Automatic refund. Increases the average consumption
  • Customer statement: customers can monitor their expenses on the website
  • Foreign user: top-up with other currencies and automatic refund
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Control trough mobile terminals
  • Amenities and loss control
  • Agility in inventory closing
  • Security: product theft and fraud prevention
  • Sales intelligence: product relocation in bars
  • Technical data sheet with product composition
  • Customized website
  • Post event refund, avoiding refunds during the event
  • Batch processing
  • Average ticket value increase
  • Better user experience


  • Topping up the card / bracelet for consumption.
  • Pre-top-up through personalized website.
  • Online refund platform
  • Residual balance increases revenue.
  • No risk of default.


  • Consumer pays at checkout.
  • Customizable consumption limit, allowing a revenue increase.
  • Attendance quantity control (check-in and check-out).
  • Partial bill payment. Value sharing.

*Our team will indicate the best option for your business.

System + Acquiring

  • Integrated terminal – Netpdv + acquiring system (credit / debit card).
  • Digital account for financial management.
  • Agility in the cashier’s service (sales increase).
  • Operations security. Reduction of human errors.
  • Mobile cashier operation with greater practicality.
  • Wi-Fi and 4g devices.

Access Control

  • QR Code or RFID chip reading event Access (bracelet / card).
  • Integration with ticketing companies.
  • Ticket + cashless integration
  • Possibility of check-in and check-out in different areas during the event.
  • Real-time data collection and digital reports for capacity counts.
  • Ticket validation by access portals or mobile devices.

Integrated Invoicing

  • Online Billing Software homologated with cashless system and electronic ticket.
  • In Brazil NFCe system with POS printing.
  • Simplified invoice, invoice and invoice / receipt.
  • Statistics and Reports.
  • Telephone, E-Mail and Chat Support.
  • Free Updates.
  • Online and offline operation.

Remote Order

  • Remote system with order printing in the kitchen / bar.
  • Speed up service.
  • Labor Reduction
  • Security: product theft and fraud prevention

B.I. (Business Intelligence)
& A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)


  • Accurate information, assertive decision making
  • Understanding customer consumption behavior
  • Statistics by age group, gender, location, products, and much more
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Industry and Sponsor Reports
  • CRM with a strategic view for your business

Electronic Ticket

  • Encrypted QR Code tickets printed by the terminal.
  • Pre top-up operation
  • Online and / or offline operation, without operational interruptions.
  • Terminal menu
  • Tickets with event logo and anti-fraud codes.
  • Monitoring and control of cashiers in real time
  • Agility in financial closings


“Hotels, cruises and resorts.
Consumption and room key integrated.”

  • Hotel single currency
  • Consumption integration + RFID locks
  • Integration with vending machines
  • Multi-device platform
  • Business Intelligence
  • Potential increase of about 20% in revenue.
  • Best guest experience
  • Control and transparency in consumer operations
  • Reduction of human errors and non-recognition of expenses
  • Real-time sales tracking platform
  • Online and / or offline operation, without operational interruptions
  • Customer loyalty and brand strengthening
  • Possibility of integration with ERPs


“Student consumption Control”


Advantages for the School
  • Greater transparency in the relationship with parents.
  • Possible use at all points of sale – Canteen, cafeteria, stationery store, etc.
  • Easy deployment and operation.
  • Revenue Control.
  • Real-time sales tracking platform.
  • Online and / or offline operation, without operational interruptions.
  • Speed up service. Fewer lines. More consumption.
  • Create the school currency
  • Integration of access + consumption
Advantages for Parents
  • Online control via website / app.

  • Security – card for exclusive use at school.

  • Card / bracelet lock in case of loss or theft.
  • Control: consumption, daily limit, balance / card statement.
  • Online and / or school charging.
  • Control of eating habits.
  • Initiation of financial education. Responsible and conscious consumption.
  • Safety for children, no need to carry cash.
  • Electronic access record.

netPDV Arenas

“Customized solution. Management efficiency. Better consumption experience for fans. ”


  • Integrated Ticket sales + access + consumption.
  • Real time Platform for monitoring sales.
  • Club App creation.
  • Speed up service. Fewer lines. More consumption


  • Possibility of recharging without cash or card.
  • Increase in the average ticket.
  • Integrated Acquisition, speeding up operation.
  • Integration with the Fan program.
  • Creation of club currency.
  • Increase the adherence to the Fan Supporter program.
  • Construction of database with user purchase profile (BI).
  • Pre-top-up customized website.
  • Remote Order: ordering via app and preferred queue for pickup.

NADA Noronha

“Experience the nicest shopping experience in the world.

NetPDV in partnership with Visa made Fernando de Noronha the first cashless island in the world. ”

Advantages for the user
  • Freedom
  • Don’t walk with cash
  • Monitoring of consumption and new top-ups trough APP
  • Transaction security and blocking in case of loss
  • S.O.S function with emergency info
  • Works as a room key.
  • The balance can be used anywhere accepting VISA cards
Advantages for the point of sale
  • Increase in sales
  • Transactions without need of internet connection
  • New way of receiving
  • Digital account
  • Simple management of receivable and payable accounts
  • Business Inteligence
  • Accepts all cards, including mobile payments