It is a system that by prepaid card guarantees efficiency in the consumption and control of student expenses, allowing to be used in all the environments of the school as "currency".

The netPDV system | The school allows parents / guardians and students to have better control, security, and greater assurance in purchasing quality products, as well as food and other expenses at school.

Advantages for School

  • Greater transparency in the relationship with parents.
  • Can be integrated in all environments - Canteen, cafeteria, stationery, library, computer lab, etc.
  • Functional and easy to operate - optimization and agility in boxes, avoid queues.
  • Revenue Control.
  • Web manager with login and password for monitoring (transaction auditing).
  • Mobile operation, without need of telephone line, transaction is performed via GPRS and / or offline.
  • There is no need for integration with management systems (CRM): Operation without complication, simple to use.

Advantages for Parents

  • Security for the student - card for use exclusively at school (prevention of theft and use for other purposes), establishment of limit of daily consumption and blockage in case of loss.
  • Comfort for parents - online and / or school loading, web-based consultation of card transactions.
  • Control of parents - Possibility of food control, with description of the items consumed in the school canteen.
  • Initiation of financial education in the school environment, children learn to control their spending and to carry out responsible and conscious consumption.
  • Increased safety for children who will not carry cash in kind.
  • Electronic record of students with delayed entry *.
    *When integrated with school security system..

How it works

1. The student recharges (in R$) the card directly in the canteen / college box or via the web.
2. In the canteen, the operator selects the consumption items through the netPDV POS terminal menu and performs the debit on the student card.
3. Parents / guardians can manage via web all the recharge and consumption transactions of the card, including viewing the items consumed.